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We should have done it years ago

The email filtering is AWESOME! What a great screening tool (got the list of emails this AM). We should have done it years ago especially since email is often infected (can't count amount of times ppl send out "my email has been hacked, please disregard what you received from me." Glad we're putting these measures in place. Thank you again for all your help and ideas.

Lisa McHatton Executive Director
New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Inc. (NETAAC)
DropBox Disaster Averted

I recently had all my customer data disappear from my DropBox folder. After some searching, I found that I was able to restore the data myself from the DropBox web site, but with only being able to restore a few folders at a time. At the rate I was going, it would have taken more than 12 hours of my time to recover the more than 1700 folders and 12GB of customer records. This waste of my time was unacceptable, so I asked Tim from Unified System to do the restore for me. Five hours later, I had all the data restored back to my DropBox folder on my computer using the Unified System cloud backup system. Because there was so much data being restored, the recovery process broke my DropBox account, so Tim worked with DropBox to get my problem resolved. I had forgotten that I had data backup as part of my service plan with Unified System. Because of the support plan I had, I did not get charged for any of Tim's time and had a fully functional system when he was done!

I recommend Unified System because they offer a full service solution without charging extra when I can least afford it and they followed through with their promise to keep me running without charging me extra for the data recovery.

Dinesh Tanna Owner
Tanna Insurance Agency
Great Customer Service

We are a small business and knew when we were in the market for a new IT services company, that we wanted a small local industry expert with great customer service. We found Tim and Unified System and have been very happy. Unified-System has made everything manageable for us. From upgrading our server to regular maintenance and security updates, they continue to work with us on a regular basis, managing our needs and expectations and still meeting our bottom line.

Marcy Mooney Director of Operations and Human Resources
Brine Group Staffing Solutions
Just like nothing ever happened!

Hi Chris,

I wanted to thank you for re-installing Windows, the applications, as well as preserving and restoring my desktop and all of my files. I've been working today like nothing ever happened to the laptop. Thanks again for all your effort - I know it was a long day yesterday and I appreciate it.

Jack Olson Vice President
QED, Inc.
You Went Way Beyond Expectations

I wanted to say thank you for your assistance this week. I was amazed at the response we got from you. I was a stranger to you calling from out of town. Our connection was an IT organization we are both members. We had a client not far from you and they needed help right away. I was expecting response the next day. Much to my surprise, you gave me the WOW factor. You were onsite within 2 hours and fixed all that was wrong plus a few other items. Talk about exceeding expectations! You blew me away. Our client is VERY happy and we owe it all to you.

We will not hesitate one minute to work with you again if the need arises. You are a true professional, and I should know. I have been doing this for almost 30 years.

Thanks again. You went way beyond expectations.

Scott Bernstein, CPA President and CEO
Unified System's quick action prevented a nasty data breach!!!

I opened an email from a business associate who I felt was safe; not realizing that his email may have been hijacked. I clicked on the link which took me to a website. The website was requesting I enter information; at that point I realized I most likely should not have opened this email. I forwarded the email to Tim at Unified System. As always he responded to me quickly and told me that this was a phishing email where someone was trying to gain access to my password. He made sure my computer wasn’t infected and helped me to change my affected passwords to keep my data and computer safe. Without Tim’s assistance this could of caused exposure of our company and customer data to hackers and other data thieves. Tim is always available when I need assistance with my computer and never hesitates to take the time to explain and answer my questions. I am so glad we have Unified System supporting our network!!!!

Debby Scott Program Manager
MindLeaf Technologies
Unified System saved us hundreds of dollars!

Chris from Unified System has saved us hundreds of dollars in just two instances of IT support related to hardware failures of large format printers and desktop computers. Other repair firms would have charged many times more, along with consequent delays and lost productivity.

Kevin F. Hanron GIS Product Manager
Queues Enforth Development, Inc.
Great Time Saver and Very Informative!

The new Spam Report is great! Rather than having to delete multiple individual junk emails every day, there is one report that has captured all of the SPAM and I have the opportunity to review it in case there is something I want that inadvertently ended up marked as Spam. It’s a great time saver and the report is very informative. Great improvement to monitoring junk mail every day!
Thank You,

Ann Commiskey Federal Program Manager
MindLeaf Technologies, Inc
Increases Worker Productivity!

Since implementing spam filtering services, the following advantages MindLeaf has had:

  • Eliminated the time the employees spend dealing with the spam
  • Eliminated the time the employees open a spam and the consequences associated with the spam
  • Blocks emails that contain virus
  • Increases our productivity by the amount of time we have at our disposal to do productive work.


Paresh K. Shah President
MindLeaf Technologies, Inc
Unified System plans for the long term without ignoring our short term needs!

Tim Wilkins provided Sunnex with an advanced IT platform that did fit or exceeded our business need to a reasonable cost. Tim is very reliable and skilled, he will make sure the day to day operations works without losing sight for the client's long term IT objectives.

Anders Utter Managing Director
Sunnex, Inc.
They were available when needed - at the drop of a hat!

Tim is the master of his craft. His vast knowledge and practical experience in the field of computer technology translates into an impressive ability to handle any challenge an information technology department might face. In addition to being good-natured and a team player, he is also very dependable and available when his clients need him the most. For example, when the IT department in which I work had a serious computer virus related crisis, Tim made himself available at the drop of a hat to help us out.

Christopher Coen Attorney at Law
Project Executive ZVI Construction

Tim is a very bright individual with strong technical skills. If we ever have a problem, we can be sure he and his team will take care of it and find a solution. Highly recommended.

Nathalie Assens, PMP, CEM, LEED AP Project Executive
ZVI Construction
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Unified System

Tims company did a great job for me and would have no hesitation in recommending Unified system.

Carol Smith Owner
A proven track record of success!

I have worked with Tim for several years and find him to be knowledgeable and responsible in his skills and decision making. Tim has shown the ability to be flexible and innovative in problem solving and when working with different functional groups and has a proven track record of success.

Michael Fish Senior Systems Administrator
iBasis, Inc
Quick and Efficient!

I've relied on Tim's expertise and support for more than a decade. His knowledge and experience enables him to take care of issues quickly and efficiently. His rates have always been reasonable and he is a great value.

Bruce Brown Administrative Officer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Unified System has absolutely spoiled me!

Unified System has absolutely spoiled me. Our company recently relocated to a new state and switched to a local IT support company and that’s when I realized what I had lost leaving Unified System. The new company is a “patch it and bill it” type of operation only to have the same problem re-occur. Good for their cash flows, headaches for our company.

Tim is a business partner that understands our business and our IT needs. He is proactive and plans ahead of time enabling the company to budget accordingly rather than surprising us with an unexpected big bill. Updates and conversions are scheduled off hours and don’t come with down time or an inflated rate. Tim manages our IT function; he doesn’t just respond to problems. On-site or remote help is always available; Unified System has never let our company down!

Thomas Ross Controller
Sunnex, Inc.
Automated maintenance keeps my computer running fast

As an internet consultant, obviously my computer is my most important asset. Over the past seven years I have relied upon Unified many times both personally and professionally and they have always come through for me. For my business PC they have helped me recover from hard drive crashes, performance issues and a variety of other problems always in a timely manner and with total professionalism. They have also helped me to choose and acquire two PC’s over the years when I needed to upgrade or replace my system. I have also been utilizing their Automated Maintenance and Monitoring program for the last few years and that has been very helpful in keeping my system current and performing at a high level. On a personal level, Unified has also helped both of my children through various issues with their computers. Again the work was performed in a timely and professional manner. I highly endorse Unified System and will not hesitate to use them again should the need arise

Ken Scarber Internet Productivity Solutions
Most services are included in a fixed monthly fee

Sunnex, Inc. is a 25 person manufacturing and distribution company located in eastern Massachusetts. Over the past decade, Sunnex has relied on Unified System to be its IT department: designing, sourcing, protecting and maintaining Sunnex’s hardware and software applications. Morning, noon or night, they promptly answer the phone, return the email and solve the problem. Weekly site visits enable users to get their questions answered and problems resolved. Unified System monitors Sunnex’s network 24*7*365; updates and patches are automated and performed overnight. Weekly reports keep management informed of the network's health. Automated hardware and software inventories are maintained ensuring timely renewal of licenses. Projects requiring network downtime are readily handled during off-hours or on the weekend. Unified’s team of technicians support our remote/home workers. Best of all, most all services are included in a fixed, monthly fee so we are not charged for each phone call or question asked. The team at Unified System is knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable and has been an integral part of Sunnex’s success and growth.

Thomas Ross Controller
Sunnex, Inc.
I cannot afford any downtime

As the owner of a small but busy law practice in Reading, I cannot afford any down time regarding technology issues. When my system went down, I called Pushp Kumar and, within hours, I was back working on my clients' criminal defense, litigation, and estate planning issues. I also found Unified Systems' rates to be very reasonable - a key factor for any small business owner.

Thank you Pushp.

David M. Baker Esq.
Law Offices of David M. Baker, P.C.
Even MIT needs a hand now and then

I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with Unified System for well over a decade now. Your company first came to my assistance during the 1990's when we were upgrading a local Novell network. While MIT does provide some in-house support, it does not always include network support and for that I have been able to rely on you and Dave. I have always been happy with the service from Unified System as your knowledge and experience enables you to take care of issues quickly and efficiently. This past summer, Dave performed a network upgrade that went exceedingly well and caused almost no disruption whatsoever. I also want to add that I find your rates very reasonable and this enables me to contain our IT related costs. I look forward to continuing to use your services in the future.

Bruce Brown Administrative Officer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Excellent oversight and forward thinking

Unified System continues to provide excellent oversight and forward thinking. By integrating our data storage, email, backup, virus protection, and software, Unified System has really helped our company progress into the next technology vision. There are a lot of solutions out there, Unified presents the best solutions for our use and every day needs. Unified is always reachable, and they react and perform professionally and quickly.

Derrick Seitz Project Manager
Connolly Brothers Inc.
Unified System fixes what other can't

Shortly after I took over the IT department, we developed a problem which resulted in a major disruption of our network services. I had several other consultants spend weeks trying unsuccessfully to isolate the problem. [Unified System] came out, and within a couple days, identified and resolved the problem.

Bill Riley Information Technology Director
The Edinburg Center
Unified System answers their customer's questions

Very good knowledge, you find the answer to the problem/question if it cannot be resolved right away. Accommodating our short term needs and requests, and at the same time provided us with a more long term plan.

Anders Utter President
Sunnex, Inc.
And now some comments from some of our more shy clients

(Your) wide range of knowledge helps us to optimize the performance (of) our information system. You keep me from needing to get to involved in the network administration so I can concentrate on growing our business.

M. P.

Responsiveness of Unified (System) is excellent. Knowledge level is unsurpassed!!!!

S. M.

(Unified System benefits us with) your flexibility and high level of technical expertise.

B. R.

I work mostly with Tim whom I have (as) much respect for as anyone I have ever met in the industry. He has a broad range of skills and depth of knowledge in those skills. I have also seen the work of Rikki, Chris and Sunny as they assisted our helpdesk and their work has been tops.

M. F.